About us

Today, Ariel leads the way in laundry detergent innovation. Thanks to near 50 years spent discovering what the women of this world need, Ariel has developed the staples of the laundry room throughout the ages.


In the 1960’s, the washing machine was taking off. Women the world over rejoiced in the ease of washing, but a new challenge appeared. Clothes weren’t white enough. So the P&G European Technology Center got to work.


In 1967, Ariel burst onto the scene, offering women the world over pristine whites thanks to an innovative combination of an enzyme based compound with encapsulated bleach.

In 1985, the first liquid detergent from a P&G brand was released, offering outstanding grease cleaning performance.



Trends change, and in the 80’s and 90’s, women wanted to shine brighter than ever - making an impression in the most fashionable colours. But just after two or three washes, those colours started fading, until Ariel Colour arrived. The 1992 innovation offered women a bleach free, colour friendly option for their wash, brightening those colours instead of fading them.

The 2000’s bought with them a change of pace, and women found there was suddenly no time left in the day. This is why in 2001, liquitabs were invented, giving women the world over the quickest, easiest clean yet while still offering unbeatable results.


In 2012, the innovative 3in1 Pods were released for the first time, becoming the first 3 compartment liquid tab. Now you have more time to spend on what’s important to you – your life, family and goals.