How detergent ingredients work

How detergent ingredients work Image Component

You may just add detergent and take away clean, stain free garments, but detergents are actually quite complex. So what does it actually do, and how? How do detergents actually work?

To start, detergents are made of several parts, and the main ones are surfactants, enzymes, bleach, builders and polymers. Ariel Detergent ingredients are diverse. These all work together to offer tough stain removal, cleaning and whitening.


This is the core stain removing part of the detergent. They remove anything greasy from fabrics, so you no longer have to worry about how to remove oil stains from clothes - they are great on stains and food residues. How washing powder works? Detergents like Ariel Automatic Powder and Ariel Powder have several different surfactants to remove different stains.


These proteins are excellent at breaking down stains and food residues. Each enzyme removes a specific stain, so biological detergents contain several types. These are only present in biological detergents as they may damage wools and silks.


Bleach brightens your whites and removes colored stains. It also treats dyes as stains, so it’s mainly good for white loads.


These workers deal with hard water molecules, letting the surfactants get on with their job of removing stains. So the harder the water, the more builders you need.

Detergents contain other ingredients, such as perfumes to help your clothes smell great, brighteners to help them shine bright, buffers to maintain the acidity balance in the water, and suds suppressors to prevent excess suds from spoiling the wash.

A high quality detergent like Ariel Automatic Powder contains a whole host of ingredients that work together to bring you brilliant tough stain removal in one wash. Now you know how to remove stains from clothes and get your garments so bright and clean.